Bustling streets, neon lights, vibrant nights. We take you with us in a girls night out immersed in the Seoulite time slot with Kenza, Lola and Lucie.

Seoul is inspiring for many things but we got mesmerized by it's unique sense of style. No wonder Korean fashion is at the thrilling heart of new trends. Urban, vibrant and timeless, the outfits are always right. 







서울에서 파리로

3 girls. 3 friends. Our representation of friendship.
Lucie, Lola and Kenza are living in Paris but coming from all over France. They met in the capital where they came for work and studies to start a new exciting adventure. Those 3 strong and bright girls kindly volunteered to help for our 1st shooting ever and I deeply thank them for their enthusiasm  and the perfect moment brightness and kindness

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